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Parent Volunteer Signup

Thank you for choosing to volunteer with PCSC! Read below for signup instructions. 

PCSC Parent Signup Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to signup for events. Then, mark going on the Facebook group and check the location, date, & time. 

If you would like directions on using facebook, or you would like to see the crew calendar for upcoming events click here.

Otherwise... signup with the link below


PCSC Volunteer BSA Signup

If you would only like to test out a few events, use the signup spreadsheet for parents above. But, if you would like to consistently volunteer with PCSC as an adult, we recommend that you follow the steps below and register as a crew member with BSA!

1) Complete the BSA Adult Application and mail to 10 Highland Way, Piedmont, CA, 94611

      *Part of this application will include a background check authorization. It is a standard BSA procedure for any adult volunteer that works around youth.

 2) Complete YPT Training

      *You will have to create a BSA login if you don't already have one to complete this.The process takes a while. It is a video training session, and it will have to be renewed each year that you stay in the crew.

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