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PCSC is happy to have you!

We love to see new members! Follow the steps below, and contact Crew Advisor, Ken Li, to turn in your registration and become a member of our crew!

Reminder: The crew year lasts from May 11th through May 10th. You will have to renew your membership at the beginning of each crew year regardless of when you initially signed up. 


1. Register (adult) to submit online application (for member)

For new members, parent or guardian needs to go to and log in (or create a new account if necessary) 

Select the category of the member to register (usually a "youth", but sometimes a "participant" if the member is >18yrs old). 

Completely provide the personal and contact info for the member and parent as indicated.

Uncheck the box for the subscription for Scout Life magazine unless you want it - you'd need to pay for that as an extra charge.

When they ask about paying fees, use discount code "2024Crew22" so that you don't pay anything here. 

Your dues paid to PCSC will cover those costs.

2. Pay the $150 new member Dues with a Check or on PayPal

The crew dues cover the BSA annual registration fees, a $25 BSA joining fee*, BSA liability insurance, and $50 donation to Friends of Scouting (aka FOS) which supports Piedmont Council BSA our umbrella organization.  You get a crew t-shirt when you first join.

The crew accepts checks made out to "PCSC". Deliver the check and medical forms either to Ken Li or the crew's VP Accounting (see email on Crew Leaders page).
If using PayPal (preferred) to pay dues, send to (this will show that the recipient is Emma Broening); state "friends and family" when selecting the payment type so that we receive the full amount; please include a detailed memo with the new member's name, that this is for dues and the crew year that the dues are for. 

* If you are already registered in Piedmont Council (eg in a scout troop or another crew), let us know and you can deduct the $25 joining fee.

INCLUDE A NOTE: Indicating name, dues year, FOS donation amount.  (eg: Jane Doe, dues '23-'24, FOS donation $50)

Note that the PCSC crew year is May 11 through May 10.   Remember to renew each May, where you should plan to pay dues and provide updated medical forms, and make donations.  


3. Fill Out the Medical Forms

Download the BSA medical forms A & B (3 pages).  BSA Medical Forms

A parent should fill this out and parents sign it. 

PCSC is known as "Crew 22".

Don't forget to get a copy of your insurance card and staple it with your medical forms!  

4. Donate to our Fundraising Efforts

Help PCSC to raise money for our key partner organizations Rebuilding Together Oakland and Piedmont Council BSA.

As a community service organization, we recognize that service is more than just volunteering, but takes financial support! We ask that every family make annual donations to these two organizations that are central to PCSC's annual program and success.  Visit our Donation page to learn more!

a) We ask that each family make a suggested $100 donation to RTO.  If you donate, please forward to Crew Advisor Ken on the acknowledgement email. 

b) Note that $50 towards Piedmont Council is built in to the dues, and you should get an acknowledgement for this donation. 

5. Have a parent or guardian fill out this form

This is our parent interest form. It is a required part of the registration process and a component of PCSCs ongoing initiative to recruit parent volunteers and mentors. You can access the form with the hyperlink above.

Parents:  we ask each of you to come to at least two events each semester.  Our hope is that this gives you visibility on what we do, and that you might be inspired to come because you like helping our community's youth and the others that we help.  

6. Set Up a Meeting, Sign Up for an Event

Set up a meeting with crew advisor, Ken Li to learn more about everything our crew has to offer, and to get a new crew t-shirt! To stay connected with what PCSC does, join our Facebook group, and start signing up for events. 

Download the Messenger app and turn on notifications for both Facebook and Messenger; add the Crew Advisor and PCSC officers as FB friends. 

Want to learn about some of our best events? Visit our Program page and bookmark the Crew Calendar.

7. Fill out our new member interest form 

We care about our members and want to learn about your interests!  Please fill out our interest form, created by our VPs Administration who want you to get the most out of being a member of PCSC.  

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