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Thank you for your interest in PCSC!

PCSC strives to offer volunteer opportunities to independent, driven teenagers. We foster leadership by combining real world experience with BSA Venturing Programs. To accomplish this, we need parent support, and every minute that you choose to give to PCSC is greatly appreciated!


The Crew Committee


PCSC's Crew Committee is a group of parent volunteers who have taken leadership within the crew. Ken Li is the Crew Advisor, but Crew Committee helps him and Crew Officers by providing parent insight. The committee meets 6 times a year with the Crew Officers to discuss upcoming events and give advice to the youth leaders. Crew Committee members are involved in the crew as they regularly volunteer and donate to PCSC's fundraising projects. Being on the crew committee gives parents an opportunity to have a say in PCSC action and decision making. They advise the crew to fit the standards of parents as well as members. You must be registered with BSA to be a crew committee member. To get registered, click here.

If you are interested in discovering more about the student leaders (Crew Officers), see the Crew Leaders Page

Our Crew Committee:


Amy Aubrecht, Mohammed Hill, Eric Bentley, Jen Yun, Yoki Ichikawa

If you have any questions, email or message Ken Li (his information can be found on the Crew Leaders Page)

PCSC's Parent Volunteer Obligations


PCSC needs parents for many different volunteering activities. Every event needs a parent volunteer - from cooking to gardening, to mentoring Crew Officers. PCSC is committed to fostering youth leadership and growth, and the only way we can do this is with your support. So, if you can't make time to volunteer, consider donating. If you can't donate, consider making time to volunteer. Because PCSC needs you!



If you are interested in volunteering...

If you are interested in signing only your child up to volunteer...


Thank you to crew friends who donated to RTO & FOS this 2021 - 2022 Crew Year!

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