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PCSC appreciates your interest!

We know things can get confusing! So feel free to browse the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If you're still wondering about something after reading, contact Crew Advisor, Ken Li. Not sure about his email? See the Crew Leaders page! Also, if you would like to see our files page, with a running list of all files PCSC related, click here


What is Rebuilding Together Oakland?


RTO is an organization dedicated to providing safe living conditions for low-income members of the Oakland-East Bay community. Annually, PCSC sponsors a $12,000 effort to renovate an Oakland home. This money comes from fundraising events as well as crew member donations! We are always hoping to do a little more and push ourselves farther, so please consider making this possible by providing a donation! The crew uses this money to hold a home renovation for 2 weekends in April each year. This is one of the most popular events for PCSC!


What is Friends of Scouting?


FOS (Friends of Scouting) is the Boy Scout's of America fundraising effort. The money raised by PCSC goes directly to our local council office on Highland Ave, and that money stays in our community. Not only does FOS make our venturing crew possible, it supports all Piedmont Scouting efforts. Without Piedmont's long-standing scouting traditions and your support, our crew wouldn't be here today. For this reason, we ask that you support your local BSA council via FOS! If you are interested, visit the donation page!

How should I donate to RTO or FOS?


See our Donation Page for information and specific instructions.

How do I sign up for an event?


We use Facebook to track event attendance and get the word out about when/where events will be held. Our private FB group is named Piedmont Community Service Crew. Request to join on the FB app, and expect a message from Ken Li soon. If you are already in the group, go to the events section of the group, and mark "Going" on any event that interests you. Once you've done that, just show up to the event at the date and time listed in the FB group!


How much does it cost to join PCSC?

It costs $75 to join PCSC. This price covers the crew's insurance and each member's T-Shirt!

What should a member expect at their first event?


Every PCSC event has an event leader. This is a member who is passionate about PCSC and knows they're way around an event. If it is your first PCSC event, expect the event leader to be giving you instructions and tasks to follow. If you would like to know who your event leader is, look at the events page of the Facebook group because the leader is almost always the one to announce the event! If you would like to lead an event contact the VP Program!

Do I have to live in Piedmont or go to Piedmont schools to be in PCSC?


No! PCSC is happy to accept members from anywhere in the Bay Area. Though most of our members are Piedmont High School students, PCSC is not a PHS club. We are only affiliated with the Piedmont Council BSA as a venturing crew. 


I am a parent, should I expect to be involved?

Expect to be asked to get involved. PCSC is always looking to expand their range of parent volunteers. The goal is to have a parent at every event (besides Ken), so chances are, we will ask that you participate because it is a great way to spend time helping out our lovely Bay Area!

What are monthly meetings? Who is allowed to go?


Monthly meetings are the meeting of the Crew Officers (VPs and President), but everyone is encouraged to come and participate. PCSC is always looking for new leaders, so whether you're interested in being a VP or leading an event, come to meetings for information about everything we are doing and planning. Monthly meetings will always be on the Crew Calendar and in the FB group, so check there for times, dates, and locations!


How many hours are expected from each crew member?


PCSC's crew members are not required to get a specific number of hours, but if you're an inactive member, you're not getting anything out of the wonderful work our crew does. So, even though it's possible to join PCSC and not get any hours, please don't do that! We have a range of events for every interest. So try new things, and find out what works for you and your community!

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