PCSC is happy to see you back here!

Thank you for choosing to renew for the upcoming crew year! Follow the steps below, and contact Crew Advisor Ken Li via Facebook to turn in your registration and continue to be a member of our crew!

Reminder: The crew year lasts from May 11th through May 10th. You will have to renew your membership at the beginning of each crew year regardless of when you initially signed up. 

1. Download the BSA medical forms!

Since you have been a member of the crew before, there is no need to fill out the BSA application. Just print out the BSA Medical Forms!

2. Fill out your Medical Forms!

Fill out all information and sign on the prompted lines. Don't forget a copy of your insurance card to be stapled to the back!

3. Get a parent or guardian's signature!​

Have a parent or guardian sign the forms where prompted. (preferably 2 parents/guardians).

4. Pay the $75 Crew Dues with a Check or on Pay Pal

The crew dues cover the BSA registration fees and liability insurance. The crew takes checks made out to PCSC. Deliver the check either to Ken Li (see email on Crew Leaders page), or the crew's VP Accounting. For PayPal, use pcscofficial@gmail.com ( please leave a detailed memo). If you're unsure of who the VP Accounting is, visit our Crew Leaders page. 


5. Donate to our Fundraising Efforts

Got a minute? Want to give back to your community and help PCSC raise money for organizations like Rebuilding Together Oakland and Friends of Scouting?

As a community service organization, we recognize that service is more than just volunteering, but takes financial support! We ask that every family make annual donations to the two organizations that are central to PCSC's annual program and success.  Visit our Donation page to learn more!

6. Turn in your Forms and Check (unless you used Pay Pal)!

Use Facebook Messenger to contact crew advisor, Ken Li to officially turn in your renewals. After that, start checking our Facebook group again, and sign up for some events! Want to learn about some of our best events? Visit our Program page!

Thank you for visiting PCSC's website! Come back soon!

Piedmont Community Service Crew

Piedmont, California 94611

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