Our Crew Leaders!

Every spring, PCSC holds elections at the crew retreat. These elections determine the team of youth members that will lead PCSC through the crew year. See below to find out who is dedicating their time to a PCSC leadership position this year! Feel free to contact one or more of the leaders if you have any questions about PCSC.

Crew Advisor: Ken Li


Ken is the founder of PCSC and has been mentoring Piedmont teens since 2003.  He was inspired to meld the success of Piedmont BSA Council’s 100+ year legacy of Boy Scouting with the chance to include girls via the coed Venturing Program.  He tries to meet and get to know every crew member, and for teens that contribute to the success of the crew, he promises to be a long-term champion for their own future success.


PCSC co-Presidents: 

Julia Banuelos & Sophia Prieto Black

jbb3047@gmail.com, sofiaprietoblack@icloud.com



I am looking forward to the year, as PCSCs co-president! Last year I served as a co-VP of Fundraising and was able to develop and hone in on new skills. I am excited to further my experience, through implementing my goals and vision for the crew. I have high hopes for PCSCs future and all the work our VP team can accomplish this year!


I am a junior at Piedmont High School and I am thrilled to be Co-President of PCSC this year! I joined the crew my freshman year and since then I’ve had the opportunity to serve as Co-Vp of Fundraising. Being a part of the crew has created many opportunities to gain leadership skills, allowed me to surround myself with different types of people, has helped me make a difference in my community and has enabled me to grow as an individual! Outside of PCSC, I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends and running as a part of the track and cross country teams.


co-Vice Presidents of Administration:

Shelby Cavenaugh & Lauren Quick

shelby.cavenaugh.mst@gmail.com, lauren.c.quick@icloud.com      



Hello, I am co-VP Admin with Lauren Quick. I am a junior at PHS and have been a member of PCSC since my freshman year. I got introduced to the crew by a friend and by my sophomore year I became really interested and invested in the crew through leading more events and being an assistant on a variety of VP teams. Other than PCSC, I am on the high school swim team, volleyball team, and do a lot of babysitting. I am really excited to continue my work on PCSC as the VP Admin for the 2021-2022 year!


Hi I’m a senior at Piedmont High, and working with Shelby Cavenaugh as VP’s of Admin! I first joined PCSC during freshman year, and ever since then have become super involved by leading events, assisting with other VP teams, and connecting with the community as a whole. Outside of PCSC, I do ballet, swim team, work as an assistant to a textile designer, and hang out with friends!

Vice President of Program: 

Klara Zietlow




Hi everyone! I’m an incoming freshman at PHS and super excited about being VP Program this year. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons through the crew and have made so many fun memories and can’t wait to share that with others through our events. Outside of the crew I love to bake, play volleyball, and play with my two cats.


co-Vice Presidents of Communications:

Vale Prieto Black & Elena Stevens

valentinaprietoblack@icloud.com, elena.stev12@gmail.com



I am a sophomore at Piedmont High School and I am so excited the Co-Vp of Communications this year! I have been in PCSC for a year now and have absolutely loved the community and leadership that the crew offers. Aside from PCSC, I like to run with cross country, paint, spend time with my friends and family, and listen to music in my free time. I am looking forward to another great year and making a change in PCSC!


Hi! I'm a sophomore at Piedmont High, and I'm so happy to be Co-VP of Communications for PCSC this year. I've been with PCSC since the beginning of freshman year and have gained experience and confidence leading and being a part of some super fun projects. In my free time, I write, I'm on multiple sports teams and love hanging out with friends. Really excited to continue to grow in this role and as an individual within PCSC!


co-Vice Presidents of Accounting: 

Ginger Gardner & Eva Swei

gkgardner919@gmail.com, evaswei@icloud.com      



I am an incoming Junior at PHS and I am very excited to be a Co-Vp of accounting once again with Eva! I love being a part of PCSC and participating in all different kinds of events. Outside of the crew I love to do gymnastics, hang out with friends, and participate in Piedmont 4 Consent!

I am an incoming junior at PHS and am very excited to be Co-VP Accounting with Ginger this year! I joined PCSC my freshman year and have participated in and lead many events. I am passionate and dedicated to the crew and love all the opportunities PCSC provides to help out the community. Outside of PCSC I love to row, bake, and hang out with friends.


co-Vice Presidents of Fundraising:

Gianna Yan & Ava Adarkar

giannayan1@gmail.com,   ava.adarkar@gmail.com  


is a rising junior at Piedmont High School. She became a PCSC member in sophomore year and loved her role as a Fundraising assistant. She's thrilled to be the Co-VP of Fundraising this year! Outside of PCSC, Gianna enjoys playing with her golden retriever, binge-watching Love Island, and going on Trader Joe's runs!

Hi everyone!  I am a junior at Piedmont High School. I am thrilled to be a Co-VP of Fundraising with Gianna for this upcoming crew year. I joined PCSC my sophomore year, and have developed many valuable skills in leadership and service. Outside of PCSC, I enjoy reading, writing, listening to podcasts, and hanging out with friends. 

192506750_1681931368677738_9164464490820652587_n (1)_edited.jpg

Vice President of Parent Engagement:

Kyra Dang


Hi, I am a junior at Piedmont High School. I am so excited to take on my first officer position as VP Parent Engagement for the upcoming 2021-22 crew year! This crew has provided me with amazing opportunities and I am so excited to see what this next year has in store! Outside of PCSC, I like to play soccer, hangout with friends, dance, and travel.