Our Crew Leaders!

Every spring, PCSC holds elections at the crew retreat. These elections determine the team of youth members that will lead PCSC through the crew year. See below to find out who is dedicating their time to a PCSC leadership position this year! Feel free to contact one or more of the leaders if you have any questions about PCSC.

Crew Advisor: Ken Li


Ken is the founder of PCSC and has been mentoring Piedmont teens since 2003.  He was inspired to meld the success of Piedmont BSA Council’s 100+ year legacy of Boy Scouting with the chance to include girls via the coed Venturing Program.  He tries to meet and get to know every crew member, and for teens that contribute to the success of the crew, he promises to be a long-term champion for their own future success.

PCSC President: 

Bridget Bentley


My name is Bridget Bentley and I am so excited to be PCSC’s President this year! This is my fourth year in the crew and I could not have asked for a better experience. I have previously worked as Co-VP Fundraising and VP Administration which have both been such rewarding roles. Outside of PCSC, I hike with the High Adventure Crew, play sports, and participate in school clubs like mock trials! I’m looking forward to putting my leadership skills to work this year as crew President

co-Vice Presidents of Administration:

Alex Kjellen and Anne O'Neil





I’m a senior at Piedmont High School, and I’m co-VP of Admin with Alex Kjellen! I first joined the crew in freshman year, and have been involved ever since! PCSC has given me so many opportunities to make a difference in my community, meet new people, and gain leadership experience. When I’m not doing  PCSC, I teach swim lessons, hang out with my dog, and spend time with my friends!



Hi, my name is Alex Kjellen and I am a senior at Piedmont High School. I am so excited to be this year’s VP Admin along with the amazing Anne O'Neil! Last year I was a co-VP Fundraising and it taught me so many valuable skills that I will apply to the admin position this year. Anne and I make an amazing team and together we hope to make the crew the best it can be! I joined the crew freshman year and have been in love with it since! When I’m not working on my PCSC duties, I spend my time playing water polo, swimming, and hanging out with my friends!

Vice President of Program: 

Sofia Stahl



I’m a senior at Piedmont High School and I’ve been involved in the crew since mid-freshman year! Ever since, I’ve been in love with the crew and our events and have collected over 300 total hours. When I’m not planning activities with PCSC, I’m probably helping the Piedmont Service Club, the Piedmont Venturing Officers Association, or other related Venturing Crews. I’m also a cheerleader!

Vice President of Communications:

Toshi Troyer



I am an incoming senior and the Vice President of Communications for PCSC this 2020/21 year!  PCSC has been a major part of my life ever since I joined my freshman year, and for the past two years, I have been both the VP of Fundraising and the first VP of Parent Engagement. In my free time I play tennis, go outside, and hang out with friends. I am really excited to spend my last year in highschool working hard for this role!

Vice President of Accounting: 


Interim - contact crew advisor

9/20/2020:  this position is vacant, pending appointment of a new VP.
In the interim, contact crew advisor Ken Li, Ken.i.Li@sbcglobal.net

Co-Vice Presidents of Fundraising

Sofia Prieto Black and Julia Banuelos




I am a sophomore at Piedmont High School and I am beyond excited to be taking on the roll of co-VP of Fundraising!! Since joining PCSC, I have been able to participate in some amazing and impactful projects for my community. But I have also been able to grow as an individual to become a more organized and responsible person. Through PCSC, I have also been shown how to be an effective and successful leader. In my free time I enjoy fly fishing, playing softball and baseball with my little brother, and baking.


I am a sophomore at Piedmont High School and am thrilled to take on my first officer position as co-VP of fundraising with Julia Banuelos! I joined PCSC at the start of my freshman year and have been involved ever since! The crew has given me so many opportunities to gain leadership skills, allowed me to surround myself with many different types of people, make a difference in my community and has enabled me to grow as an individual! Outside of PCSC, I swim on the school's swim team, lifeguard, and hang out with friends!

Vice President of Parent Engagement:

Eleanor Hoffpauir



My name is Eleanor Hoffpauir, and I am going to be a senior at PHS for the 2020 - 2021 school year. Since my sophomore year, I have held three VP Positions with PCSC: VP Accounting, VP Communications, and now, VP Parent Engagement! I have loved the work I’ve gotten to do with PCSC - everything from feeding low income citizens to writing monthly newsletters.

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