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Our Crew Leaders!

Every spring, PCSC holds elections at the crew retreat. These elections determine the team of youth members that will lead PCSC through the crew year. See below to find out who is dedicating their time to a PCSC leadership position this year! Feel free to contact one or more of the leaders if you have any questions about PCSC.

Crew Advisor: Ken Li

Ken is the founder of PCSC and has been mentoring Piedmont teens since 2003.  He was inspired to meld the success of Piedmont BSA Council’s 100+ year legacy of Boy Scouting with the chance to include girls via the coed Venturing Program.  He tries to meet and get to know every crew member, and for teens that contribute to the success of the crew, he promises to be a long-term champion for their own future success.

SaraB 2023-07.JPG

PCSC co-Presidents: 

Sara Broach & Valentina Prieto Black,

ValePB 2023-07.JPG


I am very excited to be Co-President of PCSC this year! I am a senior at Piedmont high school and served as CO VP of Parent Engagement last year. I have had two incredible experiences being on the RTO planning team and am so grateful for the leadership experience and opportunities to connect with my community that PCSC has provided me. I can’t wait to see what our VP’s and the crew as a whole will achieve this year!


Hi! I’m Valentina Prieto Black, a Senior at Piedmont High and I’m really looking forward to another great year with PCSC! Since joining the crew my freshman year, I have had the pleasure of serving as Co-VP Admin and Co-VP Communications, and have grown to love PCSC’s uplifting community. I continue to be inspired by the values, skills and memories I’ve gained through my time on the crew, and as this year’s Co-President, I hope to maintain and enhance the positive and fun working environment, where I encourage growth, build relationships, and continue learning!

ElenaStevens 2023-07.JPG

Vice President of Administration:

Elena Stevens    


Hi! I’m Elena, and I’m going to be a senior at PHS this year. I’ve been with PCSC since freshman year and held the positions of VP of Comm and VP of Parent Engagement in the past. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, swimming, and playing volleyball and piano! Very excited for my final year with PCSC.

EllaPuckett 2023-07.JPG

co-Vice Presidents of Program: 

Ella Puckett & Mark Hsia,

MarkH 2023-07.JPG


My name is Ella Puckett and I’m so excited to be co-VP of Program this year! As a senior member of PCSC, I very much want to expand PCSC’s programs to represent various interests, from cooking and construction to tutoring and social justice work. I especially want to form long lasting partnerships with new organizations in order to continue to diversify our events and help members discover new passions. I am a strong advocate for increased civic engagement and action within our local community, not only to gain a more comprehensive worldview but also to gain a true understanding of the difference that students can make in our society!


I’m Mark, the co-VP Program for the 2023/24 crew year! I’m a senior at Piedmont High School and have been a member of the crew since 2021. Along with other events, I lead a monthly event at the Lake Merritt Japanese Gardens and for the last 2 years, I’ve helped lead the annual PCSC RTO project. PCSC has provided many valuable connections and experiences for me, and I hope to be able to help provide the same for others as a co-VP Program. In my free time, I like being outdoors, whether it's biking, running, or just hanging out with friends and family,

ElenaOConnell 2023-07.JPG

Vice President of Communications:

Elena O'Connell


I am currently a sophomore at PHS and I am looking forward to being this year's VP of Communications. I want to push PCSC to be the absolute best it can be by utilizing the organization and amazing commitment I know PCSC is capable of. I am very excited to improve both PCSC and myself this year by trying to be the most dedicated VP I can be. Outside of PCSC I like to do ballet, read, play soccer, do track and field as well as cross country.

JosephBlumberg 2023-07.JPG

co-Vice Presidents of Accounting: 

Joseph Blumberg, Stephanie Lee      

StephanieL 2023-07.JPG


Hi, My name is Joseph Blumberg and I’m a junior at PHS. I am incredibly excited to work alongside Stephanie as co- VP’s of accounting. I joined PCSC during my freshman year and have had the privilege of working with other students to benefit the community. As Vp of accounting, I hope to help PCSC accomplish its goals and keep it running smoothly. I’m sure that as previous years have, working with PCSC will be rewarding and impactful. Outside of PCSC,I like to play guitar, rock climb, hang out with friends, read, and write.

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I am a sophomore at PHS. I’m so excited to be this years Co-VP of Accounting! I joined PCSC at the beginning of freshman year and have loved all the new experiences and service opportunities that it has offered to me. My time in PCSC has allowed me to build relationships with new people, foster a deeper connection between myself and my community, improve my leadership skills and confidence, and make lifelong memories that i’ll never forget. I only hope to  build upon my skills and experiences even more in the upcoming years. My goal for this year is to aid PCSC in our journey to meet our vision. I hope to strengthen and grow our crew to help increase our impact in our own community and neighboring communities. Outside of PCSC I enjoy playing soccer, hanging out with family and friends, reading, and spending the day at a beach.

VP Accounting mentor (adult): 

Eric Bentley      

was first introduced to PCSC via his daughter Bridget who rose through the leadership ranks as VP twice and President her senior year.  Eric was impressed by the way that PCSC empowers its members and witnessed how involved members are given responsibility and gain life skills.  He is a member of the Piedmont BSA Council Board of Directors, on PCSC Crew (adult) Committee and uses his professional experience to mentor the VPs Accounting. 

LilaSchwab 2023-07.JPG

co-Vice Presidents of Fundraising:

Lila Schwab & Maddy Hill,  

MaddyHill 2023-07_edited.jpg


I am a current freshman and I am excited to be a Co-Vp of fundraising. I joined the crew two years ago and in this past year I have gotten more into it. I am excited to learn more about fundraising and to get others interested and actively participating in events. I enjoy lacrosse, running, and hanging out with friends!


Hi! I’m a senior at phs and I’m so excited to be co-vp of fundraising for the second time! This year I hope to improve PCSC’s many fundraising efforts and raise more money for the crew. I’ve been in PCSC since I was a freshman and I love being able to contribute towards improving my surrounding community! Outside of PCSC, I enjoy playing volleyball, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

VP Fundraising mentor (adult): 

Mo Hill      

has long been interested in mentoring youth. When his daughter Maddy joined PCSC a few years ago he joined the Crew (adult) Committee and started to mentor the VPs Fundraising.

ClaireAubrecht 2023-07.JPG

co-Vice Presidents of Parent Engagement:

Claire Aubrecht & Madeine Tran,

MadelineT 2023-07.JPG


Hi my name is Claire and I’m the co-VP of parent engagement for an organization called PCSC! Outside I’m a freshman at Piedmont High School and plan to do track in the upcoming spring season.

Maddie Tran: 

I’m prepared and looking forward to a new, successful and exciting year in PCSC, serving as co-VP of Parent Engagement. As my first year as a VP for PCSC, I can’t wait to influence the flow and help improve the atmosphere of PCSC by doing my part in engaging parents! Throughout the previous year, I discovered the greatness of the PCSC VP team and it inspired me to take part. I strive to do the same and inspire new and old members of PCSC! Last year was a blast, and I hope to make this year equally as outstanding if not better as a VP.

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