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Our Crew Calendar

The crew uses Google Calendar along with Facebook to provide a one-stop-shop for your information about upcoming events! If you would like to sign up, use the FB group. In the meantime, use this calendar to see what's coming up. 

PCSC's Facebook Group

PCSC uses facebook to allow people to easily signup for events. If you are unfamiliar with Facebook, or need a refresher, here are the steps for signing up.

1. Create/Login to your account

2. Click the Facebook Icon at right to get a direct link to the private PCSC group. 

3. Ask to join the group. Any one of the Crew Officers or Ken Li can approve your request. Ken will message you via Facebook for more information after you have been accepted. Since our FB group is private, we strive to ensure that we only admit people that we know. It helps if you introduce yourself to Crew Advisor Ken Li in advance via text or email, and add him as a FB friend before joining the PCSC FB group.

4. Sign up for an event! Under the "Events" tab within the group, you can click on any event that sparks your interest. Then, mark "Going" and meet at the location, date, and time that is listed within the event. 

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