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PCSC appreciates your support!

Under the direction of our VP Fundraising, PCSC raises roughly $20,000 every year for our partner organizations such as our parent org, Piedmont Council BSA! Read below to see why we choose these organizations and the ways that you can help support the amazing work that our crew does.


Whether you choose to donate your time or money, PCSC is incredibly grateful for all support given by our members and volunteers. Every dollar goes to a cause that is striving to do great work in our community. We urge you to support our efforts in any way that you can! 


FOS (Friends of Scouting) is the annual fundraiser for Piedmont Council of Boy Scouts of America, our parent organization. These donations, made on behalf of PCSC, go directly to our local council office on Highland Ave, and that money stays in our community to support Piedmont Council, whose youth development programs cultivate  character building via leadership opportunities. PCSC's founding (and all our other Venturing Crews) was initiated by Piedmont Council which is the oldest remaining council in the country, and has been ranked #1 for several years.  The council's continued success is dependent on its financial independence which comes from your annual donations.  This is why we ask that you donate to Piedmont Council BSA!

Our suggested amount is $300 per member, and a "minimum" donation of $50 is built in to crew dues.  We encourage you to donate more when paying dues.  Please include a note on your dues payment to indicate how much your FOS donation is included. 

RTO was an organization dedicated to providing safe living conditions for low-income members of the Oakland-East Bay community until it's closure in 2024. Annually, PCSC sponsored RTO at a $12,000 level to ensure RTO's ongoing success and to fund PCSC's effort to renovate an Oakland home. This money came from fundraising events as well as direct donations from families and friends of our crew! PCSC volunteered with RTO since 2006 and our RTO project was the biggest single focus of the crew.

PCSC has shifted to building tiny houses for homeless youth with Richmond Tiny House Village, Farm & Garden.  Watch our newsletters for info on how to support those projects! 

How do you donate?

To donate to FOS by check, follow steps here.  To donate online, see farther below. 

 1.   Make the check out to

"Piedmont Council"

 2. In the notes on the check, write "PCSC" and your crew member name.

 3.  Give your check to Crew Advisor Ken Li or PCSC's VP Accounting. Not sure who the VP Accounting is? Visit our Crew Leader's Page to find out!


To donate to the Tiny House project by check, follow steps here.  To donate online, see farther below. 

 1.   Make the check out to

"Rebuilding Together East Bay, North"

 2.  In the notes on the check, write "PCSC Tiny House Proj" and your crew member name.

 3. Give your check to Crew Advisor Ken Li or PCSC's VP Accounting. Not sure who the VP Accounting is? Visit our Crew Leader's Page to find out!

Donate Online

To donate online...

 1.   Our Tiny House project: Visit this link!

 2.  FOS: Visit this link!

MAKE SURE to forward a confirmation email to Ken Li & the VP Fundraising! Not sure who that is? Visit the Crew Leaders page.

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