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Piedmont Service Club: PSC
PSC is Piedmont Community Service Crew's program for middle school students! Learn more below. 
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Lila Schwab,
PSC President

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PSC VP Program

About PSC

A part of Piedmont Council BSA, Piedmont Service Club (PSC) is for middle school aged girls and boys and their parents to engage in, and develop a taste for, performing service to our community.  PCS activities mirror those of PCSC, with just a few age-limited exceptions, so the opportunities are extensive.  Between PSC and PCSC we do much more than just service - we strive to fast track youth into leadership opportunities, in a way where they are given the thrill of finally having a stake in what they do, and some responsibility and sense of independence.  They are guided all the way, in a benevolent manner, by peers, older youth, and the Club Advisor.  


After 8th grade (or when they turn 14), engaged PSC members can transition into Piedmont Community Service Crew where teens enjoy the camaraderie of peers working together and helping others.  We actively strive to provide opportunities for youth to have responsibility and independence: running their own organization, planning events and projects, leading others, developing life skills that will give them a head start on many aspects of their futures.


You are welcome to try out any event, but please give advance notice to the Club Advisor to express your intent and plans. If you decide that you like it, please support PSC by registering your middle school aged youth as an official PSC member.  Click on the Join PSC tab.

PSC is managed by teen leaders drawn from PSC and the Piedmont Community Service Crew, and guided by Club Advisor Ken Li, but also has a parent Club Committee to help with administrative oversight and long term sustainability.

Meet the PSC youth leadership team, including some advising members of the Piedmont Community Service Crew:

  • PSC President, Lila Schwab

  • PSC VP Administration,  tbd

  • PSC VP Program,  tbd

  • PSC VP Communications,  tbd

  • PCSC VP co-VPs Accounting, Eva Swei & Ginger Gardner

  • Club Advisor (adult), Ken Li

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tbd, VP Communications


PSC at Piedmont's 4th of July Parade

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PSC VP Administration

Joining PSC

If you decide that you like what we do, we encourage you to support PSC by registering your middle school aged youth as an official PSC member.  

To register:

1) Parents:  introduce yourself and your child to: 
   – Ken Li, Club Advisor <>

2) Deliver the following two items to Ken. 

  • a completed Exploring Youth Application form.

  • new member dues of $100
    annual renewal dues of $75 
    (checks payable to “PSC”); in the note on the check, write the youth name and grade, and “PSC dues”.

3) Meet with Ken and get a PCSC t-shirt! 


Notes about the application form:

– (you only need to print page 3).
– We are Explorer Club number 0001.
– Parent/guardian signs (the youth doesn’t need to sign).
– Leave club leader signature line blank.

Notes about PSC activites:

Our club year is from August 1 through the following summer.  After your first year as a registered member, renew for subsequent years by providing dues at the start of each new club year to either the PSC VP Accounting, or Club Advisor.  When your youth graduates from 8th grade or reaches 14 years in age, they are ready to transition from PSC to the Piedmont Community Service Crew!Club members should attend with a parent, but a club parent may bring and chaperone up to 4 club members.

PSC Club Committee:

Parents:  join the Club Committee!  The Club Committee gives oversight and helps to represent the long term interests of the membership and their parents.  Committee members do not have much burden since a lot of the operational responsibility is taken up by the members of PSC and PCSC, but we do want parents that are "fans" of PSC and interested in the club's success and sustainability!  

For more information about Piedmont Service Club, contact Ken Li at

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