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PCSC During a Global Pandemic: An Article by Toshi Troyer

Mar 30, 2020

Cooking at home for the food insecure 


With the pandemic and shelter in place now, one of the main activities that we still have planned is cooking to feed the hungry.


Our new model is to invite several crew members to cook a portion of the 50 dinners on the Fridays that PCSC takes on. The cooking can be a great way for crew families to work together to help others.  The finished food gets delivered to CAPC in disposable containers and other volunteers allocate the food into to-go boxes.  Monty, the CAPC pastor, has established a new safety protocol for the volunteers and recipients: he will provide food handling gloves and disinfect the serving tables, encourage separation of all involved, lots of hand washing, minimize touching. 


We plan to do this about twice per month, but want to hear if you would like to do it more often!  If the members and parents want to do more, we can increase the frequency to once per week. We are always looking for members and parents who will be the lead person on each of the events.  Contact VPs Program Sofia Stahl or Jaden Ferraro, and Crew Advisor Ken if you’re interested and want to hear more, or if you have other event ideas. .


Please keep an eye on our upcoming dates on the crew calendar and sign up via the FB group where you’ll find a link to a google sheet that lists how you can help. Mark your calendar for at least these dates:  Apr 4, 10, May 1, May 29th


PCSC has enjoyed a strong partnership with College Avenue Presbyterian Church through its 8-year collaboration on the 5th Friday Dinners with Piedmont Montclair Rotary Club. Recently, we’ve decided to devote more crew resources and host more frequent dinners at the newly renovated kitchen, courtesy of crew member Audrey Frankel who did the kitchen overhaul as the key element of her Gold Award project.

RTO 2019 Project Video

Thank you to Aya Troyer for making this incredible video! And thank you to the members, parent, and donors who make RTO possible!

RTO 2019: The Wong Family

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